The master trainer

In my book DARE, I speak of how I walked into the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai twenty years ago, walk into the Nalanda Bookstore sit on a stool, pull out newspapers and magazines which had my column running in them. That was twenty years ago, and after that, over 60 publications, newspapers and magazines, and websites have carried and carry my daily column…

I am a Newspaper Columnist and write a daily column, BOB’S BANTER, which has graced the pages of over 60 newspapers and magazines, from a daily column in the Khaleej Times, Dubai, the Morning Star, London, and in nearly every state in India, from The Statesman in Kolkata, to the Kashmir Times in Kashmir to the Trinity Mirror in Chennai. Mumbaikars have read my column in the Times of India, Asian Age, Free Press Journal, Lok Sakta, Nagpur, Aurangabad and Nashik, Sakal Times, Pune, Andaman Chronicle, and in The Afternoon Despatch and Courier when Bob’s Banter took over Busybee’s daily column after the death of Behram Contractor.

I also have a column in The Examiner, Indian Currents, and Teenager magazine. I am also the only Indian columnist whose articles appear daily in Bangladesh’s most popular newspaper, The Independent, and also in the Pakistan Observer, Pakistan. My column is also translated into Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi every day and published in the Punjab Kesri, Punjab. The Hindsamachar, into Urdu, and the Jagbhani, into Punjabi.

The Master Trainer

Robert Clements

I have a daily estimated readership
of over 6 million!!

About the Writer’s & Speaker’s Course

The course is conducted solely by me, and in such a practical way, that there is no need for you to take notes or read from any textbook. Your own writing becomes the text I engage with, enhance, and enrich.

The classes are light on you, but heavy with experience, and with doses of good-natured humor, since I love using light-hearted banter in teaching! But at the end of the course, you come out a writer and an orator, with the beginnings of a book and itching to get behind a podium and speak!

After the course, keen interest is paid by me, to everything you write, and the same can be sent to me, to look into and help you enhance your writing skills even further!



Besty Reuben is our Lead Trainer and an expert communication coach having seven years of professional experience as an ESL, ESP, and EAP teacher.

She completed her B A English language and literature and is certified in Cambridge CELTA, TEFL/TESOL Certification (Canada).

Besty is a specialist in IELTS training.

Known for her deep subject knowledge and ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms and has successfully trained learners from all walks of life – students, housewives, professionals, and businessmen. She is currently researching creative methods of language learning.

Her strengths as described by our students:

  • Passion-driven to impart learning through simple methods.
  • Ability to motivate students to become self-learners.
  • Customizing her teaching methods as per student learning ability.

  • Lead Trainer

    Besty Reuben


    Course Coordinator

    Shaleen Crasto

    Speak to our Course Coordinator

    Shaleen is an enthusiastic and positive person who believes in achieving goals by smart work.

    After her graduation in Psychology from Mumbai University, she has experience working for Corporate clientele and dealing with people from different walks of life.

    She enjoys interacting with people and loves helping people by making a positive influence in their life. Her best motivation is when the course has brought in significant motivation to the participants.

    You will hear lots of ‘thanks to Shaleen’ at the end of every course. She has tremendous patience and is gifted with the art of positive persuasion.

    In her own words “We have only one life – live it to be the best version not just for yourself but to those around you”.

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